Unclear Future of Live Action Movie, Director Exits

Sarah Poli has stepped down from her role as the director of Disney’s “Bambi the Little Deer” live action films, according to foreign media reports on March 28th at Beijing time. The film was scheduled for development in 2020, but it is uncertain whether it will continue to develop after Sean Bailey left.

Earlier this year, Gineva de Wallet Robinson () and Lindsay Bill (?) had been asked to write scripts for this project, but progress was delayed by a strike last year.

Disney’s fifth animated film, Bambi the Little Deer, released in 1942, earned $267 million and received an Oscar nomination for Best Sound, Song, and Score.

Computer-generated CG and realistic visuals are used in both the new and previous versions.

The story is based on the 1923 animated novel by Felix Shatton, with its main characters including Bambi, his father, the King of the Forest, mother, friends, Rabbit Samp, Skunk Flower, and his future wife Fanny. Disney altered the species of Bacco from the Western roe deer species in the original film to the white tailed deER.

Following an interview with approximately 1500 interested individuals, the Motion Picture Society of America released a compilation in June 2008 named the “Top 10 Films of All Genres in 190 Years.” This list evaluated all ten traditional American film styles using statistical analysis, and “Bambi the Little Deer” was placed third in the category of “animated films”.

(Meng Qing)

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