The Super Mario series has created a new film and is set to be released in 2026

The “Super Mario” mega movie, which debuted on March 28th in Beijing time and grossed over 1.3 billion US dollars worldwide, has been confirmed by foreign media reports. Nintendo and Lighting Entertainment have now announced that they will release another animated film featuring the Mario Brothers World View in North America on April 3, 2026.

Aaron Horvath&Michael Jelenic, the director of last year’s big film, and writer Matthew Fogel returned to production, while Universal continued to invest and distribute the film.

Features Chris Parat as Mario, Anya Taylor Joey as Princess Biki, Charlie Dai as Luigi, Jack Black as Kuba, Cogan Michael Kai as Chinobio and Seth Logan as King Kong, Fred Amison as Crouch, Kevin Michael Richardson for Kamek & Sebastian Manisco for Spike with Charles Martinez (whom the show also features on TV).

Headquartered by Aaron Hawass and Michael Jelenick ().

The “Super Mario Brothers” game, released by Nintendo in 1985 as a side scrolling game and on the Red and White consoles, is considered one of the representative works within the world’s electronic games. Its gameplay mode, soundtrack, and 2D design style are widely recognized, with Mario being the main protagonist and Princess Biki being killed by the Cool Overlord.

“Super Mario Brother” is a game that has sold 40.24 million copies worldwide and was previously the top-selling title in the series, with its red and white version breaking even with Nintendo’s “Mario Kart 8 Luxury Edition” for the Switch in 2017. These two titles were instrumental in both the early success of red/white consoles and the end of the Great Depression in US game sales after the 1983 release of “Big Crasher”, featuring Miyamoto Mao and Tezuka Takashi: The Amazing Journey of Kobok

(Meng Qing)

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