Renewal of Season 4 will be filmed together with Season 3

Foreign media reports have revealed that the fourth season of the Hulu hit drama “Xiong Family Restaurant” will begin airing on March 28th, Beijing time. The production team is set to work alongside the three episodes, which are scheduled to be filmed in sequence, to balance the busy schedules of Jeremy Allen White, Ayu Advili, and Ebon Mos Bakrakh.

Season two of the Emmy Awards saw the production of a Dafengshou, which was served with fresh vegetables and won 10 awards. The third season is scheduled to air in June.

Carmi, a James Beard Award-winning chef, returned to his hometown of Chicago to take over the Italian beef sandwich restaurant founded by his brother Mickey, who had recently committed suicide. Despite hiring jubilant Sydney as head chef and dealing with various difficulties such as debt, management issues, and outdated restaurant equipment,

With Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss Becker, Ayu Advili, Lionel Boyce, Lisa Koren Zayas, and Abby Eliot in leading roles, the show was highly rated and received positive reviews. It was also nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Critics Choice Award and the Golden Globe Award, while Darren Wilson won the Black Mirror and is considered one of the best male lead actors in history.

(Meng Qing)

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