Releases New Poster to Embark on a Passionate and Spicy Life

The action adventure thriller “Stunt Madman” starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Bronte has had a new poster, which was announced by foreign media on March 28th at Beijing time. The poster will premiere worldwide at the Southwest South Film and Television Festival, and be released in North America on May 3rd.

David Reich directs, with Aaron Taylor Johnson, David Hui, Winston Duke, Hannah Waddingham, Theresa Palmer, and others.

Based on an earlier TV series from the 1980s, the story centers around a stunt actor (Gosling) who suffers serious injuries in ill-fated film. He stars in another movie and shares the same stage as the previous star (Johnson), who takes on his role as his double. However, this isn’t the case because the main character is missing.

Bronte is portrayed as a former camera operator and has ties to the stunt actor played by Gosling. She is now on the verge of reaching the peak of her career, directing nifty sci-fi Western films, but she needs the assistance of an ex-boyfriend.

Xu Weilun is the assistant of a movie star, while Duke plays he friend of an stunt actor and Wodingham plays one of Hollywood’s struggling film producers.

(Meng Qing)

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