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The release date for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new “The Bride of Frankenstein” film in North America is set for October 3, 2025, as reported by foreign media on March 28th, Beijing time.

Christian Bell, Jesse Barkley and Penelope Cruz star alongside Peter Sasgard and Annette Benin. The film is about Frankenstein who travels alone to Chicago in the 1930s with Dr. Ufronis for assistance. They helped bring back a murdered young woman alive, and her performance was deemed too much for their expectations.

The 1935 release of the old version featuring Polis Karlov, Colin Cliff, Valerie Hobson, and James Wheeler marked it as a Gothic sequel to “Frankenstein” (1931), which has remained mostly unchanged due to its grand soundtrack and Gothic eerie style.

In addition to Jacob Elotti, Oscar Isaac, Christopher Waltz, Mia Gauss, and Andrew Garfield, the cast of Gilmore Del Toro’s new film “Frankenstein” has been withdrawn due to scheduling issues.

Gyro is the director and writer for the movie, which was produced by Netflix and cost around $85 million. The film is based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel and follows the story of an arrogant scientist named Victor Frankenstein, who performs a frightful experiment that ultimately destroys both the creature and its creator. It is currently unclear which era the film occurred in.

(Meng Qing)

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