Netizens react to the power of post-production pitch correction

The use of post-production processing technology has made it possible for those with subpar singing voices to become skilled singers.

A post that compared the sounds before and after the pitch correction was shared online on March 30th. The first video below is the original live clip of a popular YouTuber, and the second video shows the same live footage after post-production vocal tuning to correct off-key notes.

Over 300 individuals in the internet world reacted to these two videos by commenting on how post-production pitch correction can enhance the singer’s voice without altering its timbre. Some of the comments included: “Wow, it’ll turn out to be all fake.”

“The reason why people are becoming fixated on encore stages is due to this.”

“This clip made me extremely surprised, to be honest.”

“Dingo, among other YouTube channels or shows, is subject to post-production vocal tuning.”

“Singing live is becoming more and more common among singers due to this reason.”

“I’m beginning to grasp the apprehension about repeat performances.”

“When an artist doesn’t perform during the encore, it’s hard to believe that they can sing those songs.”

“The encore stage is worth watching for this reason. However, there has been an individual who modified it as well.”

“Pitch correction for an additional period of time will be a thing of the past in the K-pop industry.”

I don’t believe in ’live’ singing on YouTube.

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