Netizens react to Han So Hee’s latest blog update following the official breakup news

The announcement of their separation came only two weeks after Han So Hee and Ryu Joon Yeol’s dating news, which she shared on her blog.

After signing her divorce papers, Han So Hee, the actress, updated her blog on March 30th. She didn’t include Nicole Kidman’s famous photo in the caption, but the timing of her post following the official news of their breakup was a topic of discussion among many online.

A few of the remarks include: “How she became a well-known figure is more fitting for influencers.”

“She was able to publish a positive article using her relationship in Dispatch, continued to use forceful language towards Hyeri on Instagram, criticize the public, and post about her lack of attraction to men based on their looks. Her breakup with him after only 4 months of dating has left me feeling worn out.”

“Why did she post a lengthy Instagram message and then break up with him the next day? Is it because she feels free now?”

“I thought Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol were the OTP, but I’m disappointed in his behavior towards him indicating that they didn’t prioritize love.”

“I couldn’t contain my emotions after reading the script that she wrote yesterday, which now appears to be a giant in her own face, trying so hard to stay cool.”

You’re stating that you were going to Hawaii, have never had a romantic relationship before, and you’ve been using slang to describe your recent breakup.

“According to Hyyeri, a dog with ice cream and sharp teeth is revealed in -blog post- comments beneath the dispatch article- Instagram post — and here on her blog, she shares an image of Nicole Kidman.”

Could it be possible that the woman was possessed by someone who took her phone?

“I predict that she will be doing a live Instagram post soon.”

How do you feel about this?

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