Koyote’s Bbaek Ga exposes his ex-girlfriend

The public exposure of Koyote’s ex-girlfriend has stirred up controversy as she claims she was given a luxury camera and other items by him and did not return them.

The ‘Cultwo Show’ on SBS Power FM radio featured Bbaek Ga as a special DJ and guests Solbi and Dara. When asked about her ex-boyfriend’s belongings in her home after the breakup, BbabaEk ga revealed his former girlfriend, whom he claims is also renowned singer.

“Bbaek Ga, a photographer and fashion enthusiast, had friends borrow her accessories during their relationship. However, she was unaware of the danger of asking her to return them after our breakup because she never returned them.”

Bbaek Ga refuted Kim Tae Gyun’s claim that luxury goods were the primary reason for their absence, stating that she never returned her L* camera and iPod. He added that his initial reaction was when he saw a picture of her with my camera bag and her new boyfriend.

The female singer was not named by Bbaek Ga, but several listeners urged her to apologize and return her merchandise as she is now promoting the singer.

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