Hwang Jung Eum sheds tears as the audience root for her on ‘SNL Korea’

During her appearance on ‘SNL Korea,’ actress Hwang Jung Eum was visibly moved by the crowd’s overwhelming support, which made her cry.

Shin Dong Yup suggested starting the show, but Hwang Jung Eum expressed that he was not content with some of them and believed they were well-received. “I have good taste in selecting projects, although I am not interested in choosing men,” she said.

The audience cheered Hwang Jung Eum on as she delivered her closing remarks after hosting the episode. She admitted to being nervous at first, but thanks to the support of everyone, she was able to overcome her fear and show her ability.

In the meantime, she has filed for divorce again after 8 years of marriage. In 2016, her spouse, Hwang Jung Eum, married businessman and former professional golfer Lee Young Don, and they had a son in August 2017. They divorced later in 2020, but they got back together in July of 2021 and then welcomed their second child in early 2022, as many believe is still involved in cheating.

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