has been cancelled and will no longer renew for the third season

Foreign media reports indicate that the “Pirate Flag Rises” ended on March 28th, 2008 in Beijing time. After two seasons, Max announced in January that he would cancel the show and not renew the third season. David Jenkins, the creator of the series, recently revealed that no new successor was being found. Now it is confirmed that there is no hope.

Jenkins shared that he had numerous conversations and discussions of importance, but was unable to locate a new home for the crew. “I can confidently say that we have reached the end of the road, at least for this touching drama.” He acknowledged that the industry has seen in his eyes, and the fans’ call to save the drama has been heard by many. However, due to this enthusiasm, the members of our drama team decided to meet again in the new work environment with Vicky King.

Season one of the drama will premiere in early 2022, with the second season set to debut in October of last year. The show is based on the true story of Steed Bonnet, played by David Jenkins (also known as “The Fourth Earth Man”) and starring Reese Darby, Taiga Viditi, Fred Amison, and Knight Fasson. Viditsu plays Blackbeard, who serves as the most feared pirate in history and also serves duty as captain for Skywalker.

(Meng Qing)

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