Fans win lottery after buying tickets with the numbers EXO’s Xiumin randomly called out

Fans attending a fan meeting with EXO’s Xiumin were overjoyed as several attendees purchased lottery tickets with the numbers announced by the artist.

During his birthday celebration on March 23rd, Xiumin engaged in a fan lottery act. He called out six numbers randomly to invite his fans to participate. It was unexpected that this would result in such an impressive achievement.

A group of fans purchased lottery tickets with randomly selected numbers on March 30th, resulting in them winning 4th place and receiving a grand prize of 50,000 KRW per ticket bought. Many fans claimed that the fan meeting event was free due to the event’s gross attendance of 66,000KRU.

This surprising chance had a profound impact on the fans and made them realize the significance of bonding with their idols in K-pop.

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