Wang Haiyan: The most correct decision in my life is to give birth to a daughter for Zhang Jiayi at the age of 41

For those who pause before reading this post, click on “Follow” to begin your discussion and sharing. Thank you so much! You are my inspiration! Wang Haiyan was born in Xinjiang, a beautiful and legendary city, where her mother is an experienced teacher and avid reader of books and art.

Wang Haiyan’s mother heard her daughter’ s dreams on a warm summer evening when she was five years old.

When her mother inquired, Xiaohaiyan responded with conviction and said, “Maybe you don’t believe me, but I can help you with my abilities.” She then began her “exhibition” – tears rolling down her face initially, followed by laughter and pure happiness.

My mother was enthralled by this minor gesture, which symbolized joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. She never imagined that her daughter, who is both beautiful and lively, would achieve so much in art.

She made a swift decision to contact Changchun Film Studio, hoping to secure the art hall for her daughter.

Time seems to move swiftly. Today, Wang Haiyan has become the celebrated “Diamond Queen”, achieving numerous accolades along the way with her impressive acting skills and relentless determination for her role.

Her acting credits in China include “Guli Ren”, “Breaking through the Siege”, and other plays, as well as “Tianxia Granary” and “Da Song Ti Xing Guan”. She has won the Chinese TV Drama Feitian Awards for Best Actress and Best Director twice.

Despite being less than 10% of the work of top-tier celebrities, her characters possess an authentic personality and depth that elevates them to new heights, making them irresistible to the audience, even during difficult times.

Wang Haiyan’s contributions are remarkable, and her achievements have captured the attention of many. However, her achievement today was not a straightforward one.

She had aspirations of becoming an actress from a young age and, with the help of her mother, gained admission to the Shanghai Theatre Academy. However, during her studies, she developed strong dislike for this industry and at one point even considered quitting her schooling.

Despite being born into an artistic family and deeply influenced, this woman suddenly fell into pain and confusion. Her mother, who was from Xinjiang, quickly moved to Shanghai and successfully persuaded her daughter, Wang Haiyan, to finish her university courses first and pursue her long-standing career goal.

Wang Haiyan was able to pursue her aspirations after being inspired by her mother’s selfless love and timely appearance, which gave her the strength to move forward.

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