The mistress who intervened in Kate’s marriage was caught! How can extravagance in life rely on the Qing Dynasty? Little Princess Charlotte has nothing left to save her mother?

The British royal family has been the subject of several rumors and speculations in the recent past, with major news media focused on rumours about Queen Kate’s disappearance and the involvement of a mistress in her marriage to Prince William. And the woman who interfered in Kate’s marriage was caught! Top socialites rely on us, the Qing Dynasty, for their lavish lifestyle?

Ross Humbery, who is said to be married to Prince William and is known as the Marquess of Jomondley, comes from a family of commoners, with her grandmother being able to attend Queen Elizabeth’s wedding.

Furthermore, Ross’s parents belonged to the aristocracy, and for family reasons, she had close relationships with members of the royal family from an early age. She was raised in opulent families with Prince William and Prince Harry, but her age was similar to that of Prince Guillaume. It can be said that they were childhood sweethearts.

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