Tang Wei Airport was met by chance with a humorous response to selfie techniques, appearing to attract public attention

Tang Wei was spotted taking selfies with netizens, and one of the jokers joked about her lack of selfie techniques. She smiled and told them, “I take selfie-wise because I take them so awkwardly, which made people laugh.” This came as a surprise to many, but it also brought tears to some faces.

It’s worth noting that netizens have reported that Tang Wei, a well-known actress in mainland China, has started speaking in Leqing dialect while taking pictures. This has bothered many people and made them feel like they can be friends with her due to her friendly demeanor.

Tang Wei’s reputation for being polite and friendly in the film industry is well-known, and netizens have spoken positively about her. She has a gentle and gracious nature that shows she can do anything to please fans without being unpleasant at times.

Fans are not only amused, but also deeply impressed by Tang Wei’s approachable and humorous demeanor. In the entertainment industry, it is challenging to maintain a genuine and friendly attitude while sharing interesting information with fans. This authentic and down-to-earth celebrity image has earned Tang more respect and affection.

Furthermore, the sight of Tang Wei communicating with netizens using Leqing dialect has piqued people’s curiosity and conversation about celebrity dialects. In our country, dialect culture has an extensive history, and each dialect is unique and warm. The use of dialect by celebrities to communicate with fans allows for greater warmth and regional culture, while also creating a closer and more authentic communication bridge between celebrities and fans.

Tang Wei’s airport meeting was not just a group photo opportunity, but also exemplified the authentic, humorous, and cordial nature of celebrity interactions. By sharing her life with fans and this way of thinking, she can increase public respect and admiration for her.

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