Song Jiazhong, Chu Xi, Zhang Yu, and Zhao Youting perform parallel parts of “Love Mythology”

Song Jia, Zhong Chuxi, and Zhang Yu from the film “Good Things” directed and written by Shao Yihui were the stars of the movie which premiered in Shanghai on March 18th. Ren Bin and Zeng Mumei starred in the main roles, while the official release was a concept poster called “Love Antidote”.

“Love Myth” by director Shao Yihui was given an 8.1 score on Douban and went on to become the highest-rated domestic romance film on DoDouban in 2022. The movie’s fresh take on love issues and its emphasis on female characters resonates with viewers. “Good Things” continues to use the original behind-the-scenes production team, emphasizing female stories and using “awakening” as the foundation of the story and starting a conversation about “post awakening period”.

Shao Yihui’s latest film features Herston, Song Jiazhong, Chu Xi vs. Zhang Yu, and Zhao Youting, extolling the audience.

The theme of “Love Myth” has been echoed by the English title “Herstory” of its sequel, “Good Things”, and director Shao Yihui has focused on “women” in the same manner.

The Chairman and CE0 of Beijing Maite Cultural Development Co., Ltd. who directed “Good Things”, expressed appreciation for the director’s professional mindset in pursuing excellence in the script on the day of its launch.

The movie “Good Things” has attracted many talented actors, including Song Jia, Zhong Chuxi, Zhang Yu, Zhao Youting, Ren Bin, and more, who are all fans of the film’s portrayal of women loving themselves.

The “love antidote” version features a concept poster that emphasizes the bond between men and women. A person who loves their own self will not be able to satisfy their partner.

The “antidote to love” movie’s concept poster is a representation of the complex emotions experienced in relationships between men and women, with hand drawn lines and colorful dots highlighting the complexity of these emotions.

Matt Film Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Film (Group)Co. co-produced the film “Good Things”, which also stars Song Jia, Zhong Chuxi and Zhang Yu with director Shao Yihui and cast of 20 actors including 2 million people from Taiwan who have been working on it since 2003.

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