Prince William’s mistress Ross wants to arrogantly ascend to power? Behind the disappearance of Queen Kate is Ross’s painstaking efforts

Prince William’s Beauty Lover, a member of the British royal family, an in-flight prostitute, and ill-mannered con artist – Introduction.

[Editor in Chief: Anning]

News of Rose, the beautiful and attractive ex-partner of Prince William, has gained immense attention as conspiracy theories surrounding Queen Kate’s disappearance continue to circulate over the next few days.

Who is Ross? What was his role in the marriage of Prince William and Queen Kate, and how was she rumored to be the third member of the happy couple?

Ross is an abbreviation, and the official title should be Sarah Ross, Mrs. Humbery. She was born in 1984 and has a generation of eminent ristocratic roots in the UK, two years younger than Prince William.

The Queen’s wedding to Prince Philip was attended by Lady Elizabeth Lambert, Ross’ grandmother, who was also a good friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

As a result, it is not an exaggeration to say that Ross and Prince William were childhood sweethearts who spent their free time playing together.

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