My mother insisted on giving birth to a sick “born villain”, and the violent behavior of a 14-year-old boy made people shiver with fear

Can you explain what hyperandrogenicity syndrome is?

A 14-year-old boy from South Korea, who is known for his verbal aggression towards his mother when he disagrees with her, is called a “born villain” by netizens.

He was so violent, he would remove his eyebrows and eyelashes one at a time while eating out in search of pleasure.

What is the purpose behind his actions? Is there evidence of a “demon gene”?

The Boy Who Was Violent

The online world was abuzz with the South Korean TV series “My Golden Child,” which featured a mix of parent and child shows.

Jinzi, a 14-year-old boy featured in the series, is not your average mischievous bear child: his temperament is extremely violent, and his behavior is rough and fierce, almost like being possessed by thugs, sending people to melt down on their spines.

At 14, his face is not as childlike or cute as everyone else, but more aggressive. One glance can cause people to shake with fear. If you look closely, you will notice that his biggest facial characteristic is the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes.

He didn’t have this innate ability and only removed it by accident. If he was slightly annoyed, a few times retracted his eyebrows or eyelashes and consumed them.

Furthermore, his fingernails and toenail extensions were also gnawed on in an unappealing way, leaving them exposed to the flesh in the nail bed.

While his self-abuse behavior appears to have become a means of venting his irritable thoughts, he still finds pleasure in abusing his family, particularly his mother, who is his primary target of abuse.

He once expressed a desperate desire to stop living when his mother refused to allow him to play games and he responded with “I don’t want to live anymore.” His mother could only offer helpful counsel, but despite her efforts, resisted the advice.

By chance, he had thrown his phone to the ground and it rebounded, hitting his mother’s forehead. He was stunned by this event for a few seconds, with no visible heartbreak in his eyes.

He saw that his phone was about to be taken away, so he proceeded to retrieve it and then ripped it apart with his mother from the living room to the miscellaneous room. A crackling sound occurred as the camera continued to aim at them, after which a person had already pushed his mom to her death.

Nonetheless, these instances are frequent in this household, but are frequently staged, and there are even more outrageous ones.

His mother’s advice to him that day was to sit in the back seat when he went out because she thought the co pilot was not safe, but it caused him to feel uneasy.

In a fit of emotion, he tugged at his mother’s hair before forcefully pulling her onto the shoulder of the road. He then yelled and expressed his frustration, completely disregarding whether his mom was hurt.

He once showed dissatisfaction towards his mother’s viewpoint by offering her a cup of hot water and witnessing her startle, with remorse that filled him with pride.

His perception was that his mother was merely a source of frustration. If he disagreed, ‘he’d strike her directly and punched specifically, sparing the weakest part of her body, particularly her left leg, which had previously undergone surgery.

If Jinzi looked at her unbearable pain, she would only say one thing: “The pain is right.”

The violence has left many people on earth shocked and considering him a “born villain”.

The assessment is entirely correct as Jinzi’s violent tendencies are largely determined by his genetic makeup.

Super-man syndrome is a common occurrence among men.

Hyperandrogenicity syndrome is a condition that affects Jinzi, who is frequently irritable and displays extreme behavior.

The chromosomes of normal females and normal males have XX and YY, respectively, which is commonly associated with hyperandrogenicity syndrome.

Could there be cases where men possess an additional X gene? This condition is commonly known as secondary hyperandrogenicity syndrome, and infertility is the primary consequence of both.

During the year 1961, Sandberg, a doctor, discovered that hyperandrogenicity syndrome was present. He found that her father’s chromosome was XYY, while she was also affected by Down syndrome.

Patricia Jacobs, a British geneticist, polled 197 male inmates on their sexual orientation in prison in 1965.

She conducted genetic testing on 12 individuals and discovered chromosomal abnormalities, including 9 cases with an extra Y phrasing referred to as XYY syndrome.

She also found that these people share many traits, such as height of 180cm or more and strong aggression and violent tendencies.

The findings suggest that the crime rate in hyperandrogenicity syndrome is not low, as Jacobs demonstrated that males with this disorder have a higher incidence of criminal activity.

The scientific community was greatly enthralled by the publication of this result, which helped to popularize the concept of “criminal genes” for a while.

Jacobs’ current interpretation reveals that his findings and conclusions are scientifically unreliable, given the limited sample size and statistical limitations in jails.

Many scientists attempted to link hyperandrogenicity syndrome with violent crime through sampling surveys, but their findings were the opposite.

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