Lang Jie’s 5-member group exposure on the internet raises doubts about the strength of Guo Biting and Wang Lin, with a high potential risk of elimination

Han Xue, He Jie (both male and female vocalists), Wanda (wanda), Sun Yialing) and Yamy (folk singer/composed vocaltender) make up the group. Zhou Yangqing is relatively secure in this group and can take advantage of any situation to get by.

Li Jiage, Li Xirui, Cai Shiyun, Yang Jinhua, and Zhueuse, among others, make up the second group. However; this group has some problems: only Shang Wenjie is strong in certain areas, while the rest are actors or hosts (so whether Shand Weijian is an actor or host).

The third group is composed of Chen Lijun, Liu Yan, Sa Dingding, and Chen Haoyu. Although Ligu Yan’s singing voice is not yet perfect, it is safe for the other members to perform.

The quartet of Zhang Yuxi, Wu Zhi and Yuan Yawei sings with grace and elegance, while also maintaining a competitive appearance.

Qi Wei, Xie Jinyan, Caiwenjing, Mai, and others make up the fifth group. This group is also decent in terms of strength, with two singers and two actors on the front row.

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