‘Chicken Nugget’ dominates integrated content rankings, ‘Queen of Tears’ takes second place

On March 19 KST, Kinolights, a content community, released the integrated content rankings for the third week of March (3/11 to 3/17).

The quirky plot of the show, based on the Naver webtoon and featuring characters like Choi Seon Man and Ko Baek Joong, who set out to rescue Min Ahl (also known as Khao Jung), quickly became a sensation.

The tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears’, featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won as a married couple who face the difficulties of marriage, quickly won hearts with sweeping airtime and generating 13% viewership in just four episodes, narrowing down the competition to second place on March 9 KST.

With a record-breaking 9.29 million viewers and 93 per cent of Kinolights traffic light ratings, the film ‘Exhuma’ continued its winning streak by finishing in third place.

The sci-fi comedy tale ‘Dune’, which tells the story of a futuristic battle for control of an important resource, dropped to fourth place and although it has fallen slightly in rankings since its release as the week’s first winner, it remains one of the favourites.

Finished fifth on the list, ‘Damsel’ by Netflix is an electrifying suspense story about a woman who fights ferocious battles with flaming dragons in formerly peaceful kingdoms.

The top ten films included TVING’s ‘Pyramid Game’ (ranked 6th in the world), ‘Wonderful World’ (rated 8th with Kim Nam Joo and Cha Eun Woo respectively), Netflix’Loh Ki Wan‘, the fantasy film ‘My Happy Marriage’ by Tim Myers and Our Season‘ which also features Kim Hae Sook and Shin Min Ah.

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