Antenna unveils debut of their first-ever boy band: Dragon Pony

On March 19 KST, Antenna unveiled a groundbreaking announcement that would mark the debut of their inaugural boy band, ‘Dragon Pony’, which is expected to make its mark in the music industry this year.

The statement from Antenna states that ‘Dragon Pony’ is named after the Chinese zodiac signs of its members, which represent the Year of the Dragon and the year of honor. The name serves as a unifying symbol because it represents the collective identity and deep sense of humanity shared by all four members who possess exceptional skills in lyric writing, composition, and production, with an emphasis on delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

Antenna’s debut in the realm of boy bands is highlighted by Dragon Pony, which features Ahn Tae Gyu, Pyun Sung Hyun, Kwon Se Hyuk, and Ko Gang Hun as their vocalist. Their official account was unveiled on March 18 KST, providing fans with a first look at the band’S visual aesthetic as they gather in practice room, showcasing their instrumental prowess and individual skills.

After two years of hard work and practice, Dragon Pony is finally making their debut, bringing with it a new perspective and youthful energy. Keep up with Antenna to stay updated on the latest additions through their official website.

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