At the age of 49, Wang Han’s condition is worrying. His yang energy is being eroded by Bai Gu Jing, and his big mouth opens up like an old man in his seventies

A high school student from Hunan, 49, who arrived to record a new show, shared the news that his photo was controversial. Many netizens were shocked by Wang Han’s age and comparison of him with an older man. Wang Han reportedly arrived at the entrance of a high school in Hunan on March 3rd ...
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The mistress who intervened in Kate’s marriage was caught! How can extravagance in life rely on the Qing Dynasty? Little Princess Charlotte has nothing left to save her mother?

The British royal family has been the subject of several rumors and speculations in the recent past, with major news media focused on rumours about Queen Kate’s disappearance and the involvement of a mistress in her marriage to Prince William. And the woman who interfered in Kate’s marriage...
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Lang Jie’s 5-member group exposure on the internet raises doubts about the strength of Guo Biting and Wang Lin, with a high potential risk of elimination

Han Xue, He Jie (both male and female vocalists), Wanda (wanda), Sun Yialing) and Yamy (folk singer/composed vocaltender) make up the group. Zhou Yangqing is relatively secure in this group and can take advantage of any situation to get by. Li Jiage, Li Xirui, Cai Shiyun, Yang Jinhua, and Zhueuse...
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