ZEROBASEONE captivates Japan: sold-out concerts & chart success

ZEROBASEONE is rapidly establishing itself as the next big thing to attract fans in Japan, the K-pop Mecca. They are also setting new records with their “numbers” from Seventeen, Stray Kids, and NCT.

Their local debut coincided with the success of a massive fan concert that sold out in no time.

ZEROBASEONE’s first local commemorative fan concert, ‘ZEROBASEone Fan-Con in Japan,’ will take place on the 23rd and 24th at the recently opened K-ARENA in Yokohama, Japan. With seating for 25,000 people each, both concerts were sold out, with 50,000 tickets sold by last weekend.

It is uncommon for a local group to sell out all seats through advance booking, and ZEROBASEONE’s perceived popularity is currently being evaluated as real ticket power in the Japanese industry.

After receiving strong requests from fans who were unable to secure tickets, WakeOne, La Fonce Entertainment handling local management, and Sony Music are considering opening more seats with limited views.

CGV, the top domestic theater chain, will broadcast the concert live in 20 multiplex theaters across the country. The event has gained significant attention for selling out all seats almost immediately after ticket sales.

The first local single album of ZEROBASEONE, “Uraura-Unmeino Hana”, will be released in Japan on the 20th. It achieved resurgence at number one with its title track topping the charts on Line Music and reaching over 1 million cumulative streams on Spotify, a global streaming service.

The fifth generation of ZEROBASEONE has established itself as a representative idol group with hits like “In Bloom” and “Crush”, having been inspired by the Mnet TV audition program “Boys Planet” that was broadcast last year.

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