Shogunate Shogun releases official trailer for classic story retelling

The FX historical drama series, which explores the Japanese shogunate’s history, has an official trailer for ten episodes, as reported by foreign media on March 7th at Beijing time.

The group’s lineup includes Hiroyuki Makita, Yukina Zei (), Asano Tadakatsu, Nishioka Tomomi, and Hiragata.

Based on James Clavier’s novel “Shogunate Shogun” (Sh) Gun), the book chronicles Japan’ life in the shogunate era of the 17th century, from the viewpoint of a British seamen. The author provides narratives of various social conditions, human relationships, customs, political dynamics, and power struggles that were prevalent in Japan during that time, with inclusion of notable historical figures like Tokugawa Ieya.

Jonathan van Tulleken directed the first two episodes of what is billed as “FX’s biggest production series to date.” The new version features multiple perspectives on the story of white men and a mysterious female warrior who collided in Japan due to resentment.

(Meng Qing)

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