Nam Bo Ra expresses love for siblings, marks 18th career year

Nam Bo Ra, the actress, stated that she has strong feelings for her siblings.

Nam Bo Ra expressed his desire to maintain the title of “K-Eldest Daughter” while meeting with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Nam Bo Ra, the eldest of eight siblings, joined her family on television programs as a representation of the ‘K-Eldest Daughter’.

“I used to feel like I had a lot of family, but as time went on and the kids matured, I realized there’s nothing more reassuring. My siblings are incredible, and everyone is doing their part. As the eldest child (from 7 years old until recently), I felt responsible for taking care of them all, even though I didn’t realize it until later when I was reminded of their importance.”

Nam Sebin, her seventh sibling, has gained recognition by taking on the role of an actress. According to Nam Bo Ra, she once advised her younger brother that doing it at her age was a good idea, but they haven’t taken it as seriously since.

Nam Bo Ra, who celebrated her 18th wedding anniversary this year, expressed her desire to work hard and not waste time, stating that she started with vague thoughts and didn’t feel comfortable in her comfort zone.

The Korean family drama ‘Live Your Own Life’, written by Jo Jung-sun and directed by Kim Hyung-il, concluded on November 17th. It tells the story of Hyosim, who has dedicated her life to her family with her inherently kind nature and warm empathy, and her quest to lead an independent life away from the family that caused her suffering. Nam Bora played the role of Jung Mirim (a lawyer turned actor), while it was difficult for her to find solace in her caring embrace.

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