Lucas prepares for solo debut with schedule poster for 1st single ‘Renegade’

Lucas is getting ready for his first time as a solo performer.

The schedule poster reveals the ex-NCT member’s exciting array of teasers leading up to the release of his debut single, ‘Renegade.’ The poster showcases a striking dark graphic design that includes bones, tree barks, and graffiti motifs.

A series of teaser images will be released by Lucas on March 26, with the track being followed by a poster and MV teases.

Lucas, who has been out of NCT since 2021 amid controversies in his personal life, announced last May that he is leaving the company after an extended period of waiting. This summer, a two-part documentary called Afterimage will be released in February this year as his first solo appearance.

The release date for Lucas’s first single is April 1.

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