Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min grace Harper’s Bazaar Korea cover

On the cover of Korean fashion magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, the April issue features actress Jun Ji Hyun and footballer Son Heung Min, featuring four different styles between the two stars.

In Seoul and London, Jun Ji Hyun’s photoshoot mirrored the style of Son Heung Min. Both individuals exuded their individual charm by wearing white and black outfits in an elegant way.

Son Heung Min’s photoshoot, which took place during the 2024 F/W London Fashion Week, was set against a unique mansion, revealing his distinct fashion sense in contrast to his appearance on the runway.

Fans are anticipated to feel a pull towards the collectibles with the color version featuring his iconic smile and the black and white version depicting his impressive height.

During an interview, Jun Ji Hyun shared how she manages to maintain her identity while working and not working as an actress. “The fact that I’m more emotionally attached to my role than my job is something I can always turn off,” she explained.

She once expressed that her goal was to be an actress without ever being tied to the past or future. She responded by saying, “I still feel like I’m destined for greatness and this is why I want to make it my priority to show off.”

Jun Ji Hyun shared that her favorite day was spent doing exercises, catching up with friends, eating delicious food, spending dinner with family at home, and finishing off with a favorite show on OTT.

During an interview following the shoot, Son Heung Min was asked if there were instances where soccer appeared to be romantically involved.

“I don’t think there was ever a moment where soccer was truly my passion. I’ve thought about this question endlessly and it always brings me to tears and makes me laugh because we love each other. We have sex, too. (Laughs) I watch soccer videos at home, drive, play on the streets, go out with my family, and then I find myself spending time with them all day thinking about people from different sports teams.)

When asked if his previous comment about not wanting to work in soccer related fields after retirement still applies to him, “Yes, I do. It’s a decision I made and I love playing soccer. I don’t think I have the skills or talent to teach others.”

“I’m very greedy. I don’t have a big heart and I want to win every match, win championships, lift trophies.”

‘Harper’s Bazaar’ in its April edition features covers, photoshoots, hidden inside covers and interviews with Jun Ji Hyun and Son Heung Min, as well as videos that can be accessed on their website and Instagram.

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