Han Ye Seul to host ‘SNL Korea’ season 5, sparking high anticipation

The announcement of ‘SNL Korea’ as the host of Season 5, Episode 4, brings excitement to many.

The first comedy show challenges of hip actors such as Im Siwan, Lee Yoo-mi, and Park Ji-hwan have been a major topic of discussion on ‘SNL Korea’ since the start of Season 5.

The host of Episode 4 on March 23rd (Saturday) is Han Ye Seul, an actress known for her candid and unique style.

With her fearless charm, Han Ye Seul has been busy showcasing her own persona in movies, dramas, commercials and YouTube. There’s growing anticipation for the new laughs she will bring to ‘SNL Korea’.

Han Ye Seul expressed her excitement for being a part of “SNL Korea,” stating that it is the most exciting opportunity she has ever had to appear on the show. She also mentioned that she will be performing in front of an audience, which is not something she was comfortable with initially.

‘SNL Korea’ Season 5, Episode 4, will be shown on Coupang Play starting March 23rd (Saturday) at 8 PM.

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