Dragon Warrior Po Returns to AttackReveals Poster

Foreign media reports indicate that Kung Fu Panda 4 released a character poster on March 7th, Beijing time, and “Dragon Warrior” Panda Abao launched another attack.

Despite the addition of new members like Viola Davis, Okafina, and Guan Jiwei, A-Bao is still voiced by Jack Black. The film is directed by Mike Mitchell (Monster). What follows A Bao’s adventures in ancient China? He has a fondness for Kung Fu and as an adult, can only be pursued with pure passion. This latest villainous entity is the chameleon (Davis), who can summon AbaO’S past enemies.

In 2008, “Kung Fu Panda” was released, featuring voice acting by Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie, Liu Yuling, Seth Logan, and others. The film depicts a dodgy panda’s quest to become an expert martial arts practitioner; the second and third parts earned over 1.8 billion US dollars at the box office worldwide, unlike in 2011 and 2016.

Michael Rashans, the director of DreamWorks Animation, came up with Kung Fu Panda to mimic martial arts movies. It was inspired by “King of Destruction” starring Stephen Chow and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” directed by Ang Lee. However, director John Stevenson chose to create an action comedy martial art film and incorporate a hero’s journey narrative prototype into the protagonist. The computer animation in the movie is more complex than previous works by Dreamworks, and Hans Zimmer and John Bowell collaborated on their first work for this year.

A new animated show called Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight has been reunited with Jack Black, Rita Euler, and Wu Hanzhang. The show follows Abao’s journey through time to find his adopted father and the clutches of four powerful weapons. His partner is a serious British knight named Wandering Blade, but they both have feelings for him, leading to intense debates over his life.

The production team included Peter Hastings, Shant Nigoglossian, Chris Amick, Ben Mekler, and other executive producers.

Abao, the most fervent Chinese panda in the world, is made up of five famous “Mighty Five Heroes” from the Jade Palace, including the Jiahu, Xianhe, Mantis, Snake, and Golden Monkey. He has to work at his father’s noodle shop every day. It was unexpected that he would be chosen by Master Turtle as the legendary martial arts master for attending a grand martial Arts event.

The “Mighty Five Heroes” attempted to stop the dragon, but were unsuccessful. To protect everyone in the Peace Valley, Abao had to take action. Upon hearing about the situation, Master Turtle sought his help and expressed his disbelief. Master was stunned by this news and promised to follow his beliefs until the end.

(Meng Qing)

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