Disaster filmnew release trailer: Brave Wind Chasing Game

According to foreign media reports, the trailer for the new “Tornado” remake, which was based on the 1996 disaster movie, was first released on March 7th, Beijing time, and depicted the extreme danger of tracking wind.

The film, which starred Daisy Edgar Jones, Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, Sasha Ryan, Kieran Shipka, David Cronsway, and others, was directed by Lee Isaac Zheng (written by Mark L. Smith (produced by Frank Marshall) and was released in North America on July 19th.

The original production, starring Helen Hunter and Bill Parkston, was directed by Jan de Bont in 1996. The visual and sound effects were outstanding and received a warm response, with the movie grossing almost 500 million US dollars worldwide.

Kate Cooper, a former college storm chaser who suffered from devastating tornadoes, is now studying storm patterns in New York. She and her friend Harvey visited the open plain to test dozens of new tracking systems. They met Taylor Owens through an unexpected chance encounter.

As the storm season nears, more alarming events take place. Kate, Taylor, and their colleagues find themselves on a collision course with numerous storm systems that are now covering central Oklahoma, inching closer to killing.

In the first installment, Joe and Bill, a couple who have been divorced, are introduced as tornado investigators. As Oklahoma prepares for an unprecedented tornado, they embark on harrowing journeys with their colleagues to examine wind patterns in search of information. How can they make choices about the future when faced with such adversary groups, destructive tornadoes, and loyal friends?

(Meng Qing)

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