DC’s new Superman movie begins filming, James Gunn leads a new chapter

The start of filming for DC’s new Superman movie was announced by foreign media on March 7th, Beijing time, with the title changed from “Superman: Inheritance” to “superman” and the logo revealed.

Kashi has:

The role of Superman Clark Kent has been adopted by David Cronsway.

Rachel Brosnaan is in the role of Louise Ryan.

The role of Lex Luther is portrayed by Nicholas Holt.

Isabella Merced stars as Eagle Girl.

Eddie Gaiselge plays the role of Mr. Excellence.

Nathan Feline’s portrayal of Guy Gardner, one of the Green Lanterns, is noteworthy.

The role of Elemental Rex Mason is acted by Anthony Kerrigan.

The role of engineer Angela Spica is portrayed by Maria Gabriela de Faria.

Jimmy Olsen is played by skater Gisando.

Eve Tesmarck, who is Luther’s assistant/lover, is portrayed by Sarah Sampayo.

With James Gunn as the director and writing partner, Superman will embark on a new DC universe that centers on the reconciliation of his Kryptonian enslaved parents with his Kansas farm background. He is the embodiment of truth, justice, and American patriotism, while in an age where kindness is considered obsolete, superman is guided by the power of human kindness. It has been planned for release in North America on July 11, 2025.

(Meng Qing)

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