DAY6’s Dowoon talks post-military growth and new album ‘Fourever’

DAY6’s Dowoon opened up during an interview about the release of their 8th mini-album [Fourever] earlier this year.

“After serving in the military, I found myself mentally healthy and now feel more at ease. I’m speaking softly.”

Unlike four years before, Dowoon was more involved in sharing his thoughts and taking charge of the interview process.

He expressed, “After ‘Zombie’, I had a challenging time and by DAY6 I was desperately in need of support. Being alone made me uncertain about my true self, which took over.” He also mentioned, after serving in the military, that he needed to take lessons on composition and pursue fishing.

The word fishing was the most captivating one for Dowoon on that particular day. He is so passionate about fishing that he even participated in an event where sashimi was sent to his followers after catching fish.

“I have a strong desire to be recurring guests on Channel A’s ‘City Fisherman’ and I wanted to provide my fans with quality fish. However, the timing was right, so I purchased 30-40 pounds of amberjack with my own money to send to them, although I only managed to catch seven.”

‘Welcome to the Show’, a heartfelt welcome, “HAPPY”, and subsequent tracks such as My Brain Minus You (Get The Hell Out), A Sad Ending Just For Me, Let Me Love You, and – finally – you know I didn’t know that was your love. All of these 7 tracks from DAY6’s new album titled incredibly emotional & beautiful.

The album was made available on the 18th at 6 PM, and DAY6 will perform a solo concert from April 12th to 14th.

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