Candy Shop unveils mini album ‘Hashtag#’ tracklist with dynamic New York vibes

The ‘Brave Girl Group’ Candy Shop has unveiled the tracklist for their Mini Album 1 titled.

The members are captured in a photo enjoying themselves against the backdrop of New York, USA. Kitschy graphic elements and their hip styling deliver eerily satisfying visuals.

As per the tracklist for its first album, there are 4 songs in total, which include the title track ‘Good Girl,’ the album’s namesake “Hashtag#,” ten tracks (e.g.

Chakun, MABOOS, JS, and Red Cookie are the in-house producers of the album, with Brave Brothers, also known as ‘Hit Maker,’ working to elevate its quality.

Candy Shop, Brave Entertainment’s first girl group presentation in about 13 years, has generated a lot of excitement for the potent synergy they will bring to the table.

Mini Album 1 ‘Hashtag#’ incorporates the concept of hashtags, which are frequently used on social media to introduce oneself or connect with others who share similar interests. Candy Shop strives to promote empathy and communication among their generation through music that enhances their unique qualities.

The promise of showcasing the diverse traits of the band like colorful candy is driving attention to their official debut as the ‘hot spot’ of Generation Z.

The Mini Album 1 ‘Hashtag#’ will be released by Candy Shop on different music sites at 6 PM on the 27th.

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