Bulked-up Ma Dong Suk & bloodied Kim Mu Yeol in the ‘The Roundup: Punishment’ promises fierce rivalry

The fight between the fourth-generation villain and monster detective transcends national boundaries.

The film ‘‘The Roundup: Punishment’ (directed by Heo Myeong-haeng) released four character posters on the 18th, each featuring a monster detective named ‘Ma Seok-do’ played by Ma Dong Suk and portrayed as ‘Baek Chang-ki’, fourth generation villain.

The series’ iconic monster detective, Ma Seok-do, is the first to appear in this installment. He looks even more bulky than his previous appearance. The poster declares, “I’ll catch them all myself.”

The next poster exhibits Baek Chang-ki, who is bloodied and has words like “Discard their corpse”; he’s got dark tattoos on his chest and arms.

A different poster portrays a change in the appearance of the original member. Jang I-su wraps himself up in luxury brands, suggesting alterations to his appearance. Additionally, Jangan Ghoe is observed walking among his subordinates, bowing their heads.

In ‘The Roundup: Punishment,’ the latest installment of “The Outlaws” series, Ma Seok-do and Baek Chang-ki, who are both involved in an online illegal gambling operation, as well as Jang Dong-chul, a brilliant CEO in the IT sector, all work towards ending crime.

Next month, the film will be released in theaters across the country on the 24th.

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