Xue Jianing: 15 years after breaking up, Hu Ge got married and had children, but she chose to become a monk, leaving no one aware of the bitterness behind it

Hu Ge’s future is bleak in 2023.

The announcement of his daughter’s birth in January brought a sense of contentment to his family life.

Fanhua’s online popularity surged in December, marking another milestone in his career.

In early 2024, he attended the Spring Festival Gala and was interviewed.

My face always looks beautiful when I’m out, and in front of my family members, I feel very happy.

Despite the fact that many people are happy for him, it may be a little tough for them to calm down.

Owing to the fact that Hu Ge’s wife is not a good match for him.

Hu Ge’s former girlfriend is vastly dissimilar to her “manager” appearance and demeanor.

Xue Jianing is the most remarkable among all the former “Hu sister-in-law”.

Why did I decide to part ways after losing my job and driving with Hu Ge in a car crash?

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