When BLACKPINK’s Jennie calls or texts, actress Oh Na Ra makes sure to show off and announce it to everyone around her

Oh Na Ra’s performance on the latest episode of ‘Pinggyego’ that was uploaded on YouTube’S adpsion aired today brought her into the spotlight.

The cast of ‘Apartment 404’ convened for a relaxed discussion in the latest installment that was broadcast on March 1.

Today, Oh Na Ra initiated the conversation by asking Jennie if she could text her. She proceeded to ask and then shared, “Last time, I just gazed at them. What were you up to?” He added, laughing.

She inquired, “Did you guys not do that?” and Yang Se Chan responded, ‘Who called me?’ when Jennie contacted me, but she never did. But Jernie replied, the answer was no.

Yang Se Chan remembered that she had contacted him before, but Jennie’s response was “I’m so sorry (that you didn’t answer)” after being dropped off by a taxi.

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