Travel With TXT: 10 Fun Songs for your next Road Trip Playlist

When traveling, what are the things that you need to prioritize? Music is a crucial element of any travel experience, and there are some tunes that can make your trip unforgettable. If you’re in search of fresh and exciting music, check out TXT. Their selection includes numerous up-to-date hits.

Make sure to include these TXT songs in your playlist before embarking on a road trip.

“The Dream Chapter: Star) contains the song “Our Summer” within the plot.

“Sugar Rush Ride” (Sweet)

“LO$ER=LOER” (The Chaos Chapter: Freeze)

“The Dream Chapter: Star,” also known as “Crown”

Minisode 1: Blue Hour (Wishlist)

“0X1=Love Song” is the central concept in The Chaos Chapter: Freeze.

The name of Freefall is also given to the “Blue Spring” in Chapter 1.

“Good Boy Gone Bad” (Sweet)

In The Dream Chapter: Magic, there is a song called “New Rules.”

The Dream Chapter: Star contains the song “Blue Orangeade”?

Tell us about the song that holds a special place in your heart.

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