The sequel to the horror film “Megan” has been postponed and the deadly AI doll returns

According to foreign media reports, the successful “Megan” sequel ” M3GAN 2.0″ has been rescheduled and will be postponed in North America for several months from January 17th, 2025 to May 16th.

Director Gerard Johnstone is in talks to return, while lead actors Alison Williams and Violet McGraw continue to star, and screenwriter Accra Cooper is still working on the script.

The opening show chronicles the bond between a lethal AI doll and naughty human child, with thriving word-of-mouth sales and worldwide earnings of $180 million, as well as incurred supplementary production costs of 12 million.

The artificial intelligence and lifelike nature of Megan has been carefully designed by Jema, a toy robot expert, to be the ultimate playmate for children and reassuring to parents.

Jema was suddenly tasked with taking care of her eight year old niece Katie, who had lost both parents. She was not prepared to be a good parent, and due to the work pressure, she chose to combine Megan’s artificial intelligence toy doll with Katie in order to fulfill two tasks simultaneously: caring for an orphan while also overcoming severe stress caused by her job.

Alison Williams starred in Blumhouse/Universal, directed by Gerald Johnstone, with James Wan overseeing the project.

(Meng Qing)

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