She debuted at the age of 5, was injected with a growth inhibiting needle at the age of 13, and at the age of 62, she is still trapped in the shadow of her childhood

The introduction is:

“Home” is a place filled with warmth and memories that are treasured by all.

Parents and siblings gather around a table, enjoying themselves.

Home was the first cage in Ji Baoru’s long life.

Why did she start acting at the age of 5?

The belief that having multiple children and grandchildren is a source of great happiness, particularly the birth of dragons and phoenixes, is believed to be uncommon.

In spite of this, Ji Baoru’s future had already dawned clear in the delivery room.

The family was filled with inexplicable smiles as the nurse picked up Ji Xiaolong, his brother.

As soon as the nurse pulled out her sister Ji Baoru and another baby was crying, the entire room’s smiles vanished.

She felt disappointed and resentful, as she was never able to inherit the family’s heritage and would instead become a burden.

The situation for Ji Baoru and his brother was completely different from that point forward.

My elder sibling has a life of convenience, with food and clothing at ease, and his family taking care of him, while she lives like an unnecessary child.

Her family’s indifference and discrimination made her the Cinderella of this family.

The mother ensures that her brother eats enough food before serving him the remaining meals, which will be given to Baoru after three meals.

Her stomach was not filled with the food in the small bowl, leaving her to watch others eat.

“Are you also deserving of more than enough food? Hurry and savor the bowl!”

My mother frequently reprimandes her as she grows older.

With her thin and fragile appearance, Baoru’s arms and legs were marked with scars, resembling a small, unassuming entity.

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