Renewed Season 2, Season 1: Good Response

The second season of “Posey Jackson” has been renewed by Disney drama, as announced by foreign media on February 28th at Beijing time. The first season ended with a good reputation and high ratings.

The first season features Posey, played by Walker Scobel, Grover Underwood (new version), Leah Sava Jeffries (playing as a fraudster) and Hermes. He is portrayed as Annabeth Chase, while the second season is an adaptation of the novel series with the same title: “The Thief of Divine Fire.”

American author Rick Layton’s Percy Jackson series, which includes five episodes and has been translated into over thirty languages, is among the world’ best-selling novel series. Former US President Obama recommended it as an excellent follow-up to The Jack in the Rythm, where the protagonist learns about his past life as a son of Poseidon from Greek mythology and spends five years traveling around Europe. It is also known as the classic fantasy literature and its successor.

A film adaptation of the novel has been released by 20th Century Fox Pictures in the US, with each movie grossing over 200 million US dollars. Disney declared that it would launch a TV series for the book and air it on Disney+ in December 2020.

Posey, the protagonist of the series, is attacked by a substitute teacher who transforms into an inferno. The story follows him as he discovers that the teacher and his friend Grover are no longer alive after being assaulted by another student. He then meets the goddess of fate during his return trip to school before finally meeting her again on his way back home.

(Meng Qing)

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