Marvel Savior:Trailer views set a new record

The first trailer from True Marvel Savior, which was released on February 28th at Beijing time, accumulated 365 million views in the first 24 hours, making it the highest number of first day watched trailers in history and the most MCU trailer since 355 million.

Ryan Reynolds is set to return as the lead actor in the film, alongside Wolverine Hugh Jackman and Emma Colin and Matthew McFadden.

Wade Winston Wilson, also known as Deadpool, was a character created by Marvel Comics and first appeared in The New Mutant #98 (published in February 1991). He initially played primarily ill-fated villainous roles, but eventually became more of an anti hero through the X Agent series. The Death Attendant, despite his initial appearance, is portrayed as vengeful mercenary and assassin, who is deeply troubled by it. He possesses strong self-healing abilities, including the one that is highly advanced robotic robotic technology designed

The fourth wall is a formidable barrier that Deadpool can use to communicate with readers or viewers directly. This skill is also evident in live action films, and Death Attendant is one of the few characters in Marvel Comics who knows they are in ‘the world of comics’. His talkative abilities are so great that he has earned the titles of “Artisan Mercenary” and “Marvel’s Number One Talker”, which both explain how Spider Man fits this description. However, his mutated form causes his growth to cause such an effect on the ability to speak

The Death Attendant’s proficiency in languages is evident in several stories, including the ability to read and write ancient Chinese characters from the Warring States era.

The Death Attendant is skilled in marksmanship, swordsmancraft, and combat. His primary weapons are handguns and two samurai swordShots. In the live action version of the movie, he once used two rotating SR-5 snipers to repel bullets from electric cables. He even killed a large group of members ofthe “X Weapon” program with only twelve bullet-powered guns.

(Meng Qing)

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