MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul receives praise for her live vocals during ‘TOUCHIN&MOVIN’ promotions

Netizens are thrilled to see Moon Byul, the lead rapper and vocalist of MAMAMOO, flexing her live vocal range.

During her second week of promotions for her 1st full album “Starlit of Muse,” Moon Byul has once again demonstrated the versatility of MAMAMOO’s rapper to be a main vocalist in any group. Her vocal abilities, acquired through intensive training since her last return, have been impressive. She can effortlessly sing and dance while engaging in intense choreography, including radio and stage performances.

Her unwavering dedication to her craft has left a lasting impression on both the netizens and fans. Moon Byul’s latest performance on KBS Music Bank has been highly praised, with even non-fans on theqoo expressing admiration for her live vocals.

The post “Moonbyul’s live is stable” on theqoo received a lot of praise, with some people commenting on her good live vocals and others leaning towards the special phrase “(She’ll) Beam Like Me”.

The live vocals of Moonbyul were commended by the public on theqoo, with comments ranging from praise to loyalty.

Moon Byul’s progress is noteworthy as she continues to refine her vocals and share updates and brief details of her lessons with fans. She has continued to develop, even in her 10th year as an idol.

Listed below are some of her impressive live performances and the one she did on ‘It’s Live’ with a live band:

Do Moonbyul live performs well? What’s your opinion on their performances? Watch the ‘TOUCHIN&MOVIN’ music video for more details.

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