In a single day, over 10000000!

The number of days per year is 3666.

What day has the highest number of viewers?

Over time, the viewing data of Xuzhou has been verified.

The answer is unquestionably on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year’s Day arrives today.

What was the total of all the contributions made to the box office?

The Xuzhou Film Association’s latest statistics indicate that 216100 people visited the cinema in xuzoan during the first day of the Chinese New Year at 10:00 am on February 11, 2024, with a box office of 10.9036 million yuan. The association also reported that there were 214100 viewers, 3115 screenings, and an average ticket price of 50.5 Yuanz.

New films were introduced on the opening day of the Spring Festival, causing fans of Xuzhou to flock to see new movies.

“Hot and Hot,” directed by Jia Ling and starring Han Han in the lead role, scored first and second respectively on the first day of the Lunar New Year’s Day. The animated movie “Xiong Chuan Reversing Time and Space” also came in third place due to parent-child viewing, while Zhang Yimou’ 20th article, currently ranked fourth, has a comedic style of legal education with eerily smiling. From the feedback from fans, both articles were positive for an emotional tone.

According to the head of the Municipal Film Association, it is more important than raising ticket prices to maintain stable ticket rates, increase viewing hours, and enhance service quality during the 8-day Spring Festival holiday.

The 20th article, dubbed a “realistic comedy with warmth” in the industry, deals with topics such as campus bullying, legitimate defense, and other hot topics. It is told from the point of view of Han Ming, an aged “scapegoat” prosecutor (played by Lei Jiayin), and humorously illustrates common problems in people’s lives from various points of views: emotions, reason, morality, law, fairness, etc.

Our country’s Criminal Law Article 20 states that if an action taken to prevent illegal infringement in the interests of the state, public, personal, property, or other rights causes harm to the illegal infringer, it is considered a legitimate defense and does not involve criminal liability.

During the Spring Festival, the film was released and received high praise from the initial audience in Xuzhou, as it humorously depicts a serious and intense topic.

“Retired from the Municipal Party School, Professor Luo sighed and stated that the movie explores the fairness of the law and the complexity of human nature with enough depth and height, which is consistent with the label of good movies. The three stories are interconnected and parallel, causing an emotional reaction in the audience.”

The original purpose of middle age is always present, and Han Ming’s short yet tender lines, coupled with Lei Jiayin’ steadfast gaze and authentic performance, reflect the determination and bravery of those in their mid-twenties to pursue their dreams. Mr. Sun, who has been working hard in the workplace for half his life, was moved by this realization. “Despite the challenges we face, love and justice are intertwined.”

The essence of life is to love life, even after acknowledging its truth. In the movie “Article 20”, “We are all good” expresses the most eager anticipations of everyone and their families for the upcoming year.

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