Huo Qigang’s 5-year-old daughter is more beautiful than Guo Jingjing, living in a 160 million yuan mansion, and her brother is the successor

The Huo family, who are among the wealthiest families in Hong Kong, have a unique approach to selecting “daughter-in-law”, which can only be understood through the perspective of “genes”.

Huo Zhenting’s long room is a reflection of his generation, who believe that the three brothers are not physically attractive and have average physical attributes.

The wife of Huo Zhenting, who succeeded him, is Zhu Lingling, also known as the “most beautiful Hong Kong lady”. Despite not being as wealthy as other family members, she has received an education and knowledge that many people lack, and her beauty and temperament are highly impressive.

Zhu Lingling and Huo Zhenting’s three sons demonstrate that they possess strong beauty traits. Although Hu Qigang grew older during middle age and had similar temperament to his father, Hu O Zheting, he looked more attractive than his younger brother.

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