Biography filmBreaking still photo of Jafar Jackson appearing

According to foreign media reports, the first stills of Michael Jackson’s biographical film “Michael” were released on February 28th at Beijing time, with Jafar Jackson playing MJ on stage. The movie will be released in North America on April 18th next year.

Anthony Foquia directs and Graham King, the producer of, has assisted in producing it with the backing of the Jackson Legacy Committee.

With his screenplay by John Logan (007: Skyshattering Murder>), the film will offer viewers a deeper understanding of the intricate persona of this man who would go on to become the pop music kingpin, as well as reenact Jackson’s most iconic performance.

The film’s North American distribution was handled by Lionsgate, while Universal distributed it worldwide, with the release date set for April 18, 2025.

American pop icon, dancer and composer, actor and philanthropist Michael Jackson (King of Pop) is often called such because his contributions to the music, art and dance world as well as his highly anticipated personal life have made him an iconic figure in pop culture worldwide.

Michael, the seventh child of the Jackson family, collaborated with his four brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon to form the iconic Jackson Five. He first entered the world of professional music in 1964 and began composing songs solo in 1971. Off The Wall and Thriller helped Jackson rise to dominance in the pop music scene in 1981, using media outlets to bridge racial divides and these videos as promotional materials. These videos, including mine, were highly successful and quickly gained popularity after their release into the film Coro Rod Stewart’s album covers cover art tour

Jackson’s popularity and his performances on stage and in films have resulted in the popularity of dance moves like “mechanical steps” and “lunar walks.” His unique voice and style have had a significant impact on artists from various genres, including hip-hop, post-Disco, pop music, and rock music. He has won multiple Guinness World Records, which include 13 Grammy Awards, Grammy Legend Awards (for best artist), Lifetime Achievement Awards(for life), and 26 American Music Awards—making Jackson the most popular artist to ever who tour.

(Meng Qing)

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