A New K-Beauty Trend: Achieve the Hemeko Makeup Look

A major shift has occurred in the makeup styles of Korean celebrities, who are opting for a more natural look instead of appearing flashy and sophisticated. This trend involves using soft, neutral colors to highlight skin imperfections rather than mask them.

To achieve a flawless, natural hue, the hemeko look is enhanced by the inclusion of Rom&nd’s blush range, which boasts shades of pastel orange, pink, and lavender.

The hemeko look also favors glossy lips over bold, sheer finishes. Rom&nd’s balms are the perfect solution, providing hydration and a high-shine effect. For those willing to spend more, HERA’ lip gloss, particularly the spicy nude shade worn by BLACKPINK’S Jennie, is highly recommended.

To complete the hemeko look, you need to use brown eyeliner that adds definition without overpowering the eyes. CLIO’s simple waterproof pencil liner is perfect for this task, guaranteeing long-lasting and precise lines.

While K-stars may seek out skilled makeup artists to enhance their looks, the hemeko makeup trend is all about accessibility and simplicity. By using only the best products and techniques, anyone can achieve a naturally beautiful look at home. This approach emphasizes the use of simple yet effective products that enhance your natural beauty without overpowering it. We encourage you to share your tips and tricks for living this gorgeous look every day!

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