47 year old Shu Qi’s “disfigurement style” close-up photo was exposed, and after 7 years of marriage, she completely let herself go

The introduction is:

During the 1990s, this Hong Kong pop star was an instant hit and had a successful career in the entertainment industry, but also went through life’s emotional rollercoaster.

She ended her long-standing relationship with two boyfriends after years of being in love, but fortunately, she found the perfect partner.

Upon renouncing her marriage, numerous netizens observed her journey from triumph to failure and couldn’t resist the beauty of old age.

Shu Qi’s legendary life and the perseverance and ardor displayed by her has provided nourishment to millions of young people.

Let’s now decipher the legendary life of this Hong Kong king who was born there.

The helpless girls travel through red light zones while arriving in Hong Kong.

Shu Qi came to Hong Kong in 1992, a foreign land, with unwavering determination to work hard.

The entertainment industry in Hong Kong was at its peak during that period, with a gathering of celebrities, and Shu Qi’s heart was also full.

Her family had been struggling financially since she was young, and her mother’s peculiar illness necessitated long-term care, which burdened her family.

She resolved to come to Hong Kong with the intention of improving her career, as she hoped to alter her family circumstances and enable her mother to lead a better life.

She was taken aback by the gap between her dreams and reality.

Her lack of experience and connections in this new city made it difficult for her to establish a career in the entertainment industry.

She carried a heavy backpack and continued to switch jobs between major corporations during the day, but at night, she wandered alone in the darkened red light district, uncertain about which evening it was.

She signaled apprehension to all those who passed by, but regrettably none did so.

Shu Qi spent countless nights in the rundown hotel, torn and disoriented.

She will suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and dream about her hometown’s gravely ill mother.

She was the only one there, alone and in complete darkness.

At this juncture, she would cover her mouth and wipe away her tears while reminding herself to keep going.

Shu Qi had already made up her mind and was determined to persevere until she achieved fame.

Yet, the path of a celebrity appears unattainable, and her actions have not been fruitful. Instead, she has been mocked by numerous individuals for being “selfish.”

This young girl, who was under 20 years old, was almost knocked down by these setbacks and struggled to the point of dying.

She refused to give up, even as she pursued her family and aspirations.

Wang Jing discovers the potential of Empress Dowager Yan in a chance encounter with the Pearl.

In a state of despair, Wang Jing offered support.

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