Zhang Jie and Xie Na took their daughter on vacation in Hainan. They danced and learned to swim, but their energy was strong. However, the couple’s faces were full of fatigue

On February 17th, a netizen shared the news of meeting celebrity couple Zhang Jie and Xie Na while vacationing in Hainan. According to reports, the couple, who have three daughters together and spend free time with their children when they are not working, are really in love.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na were dressed in a casual manner in the unintentional photo. Although the couple in front of the passerby’s camera were both bare-chested, their skin was so light, they had small heads and thin bodies. It made me wonder if there is truly clout between celebrities and ordinary people.

Zhang Jie Xie Na, who has three daughters, expressed that it was not an easy task to take her children on this trip. The couple looked tired while sitting by the pool, with their twin daughters swimming in unison.

Netizens left their thoughts on it one after another, including the observation that even celebrities cannot bear to love their children. “I’m not alone in my emotions of being a parent.”

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