Yu Chengqing’s son takes another thunderous photo: wearing a red jumpsuit and long hair, she is as charming as a female celebrity

Yu Chengqing and his brother Yi Nengjing have a son named Yu Enli (Little Harry), who is now 21 years old and making strides in the global fashion scene.

Harry has consistently been featured on the hot search list in recent years and can be considered a relatively exceptional second-generation star.

A stunning photo of Little Harry dressed in a red jumpsuit, posing for photos with friends late at night, and playing H with high heels was once again made public on February 17th.

Harry has a history of confidently flaunting his flawless physique. For instance, during recent events, he would verbally insult and engage in various discussions with everyone.

Harry is regarded as an exceptional and unconventional character among many second-generation stars, with a bold and unorthodox approach that balances the pressure of media perspectives.

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