The poster of Guo Jingming’s “Dream of Returning to China” looks like hotpot seasoning, with an average age of 22 for the fresh meat men’s team and two shirtless players participating in the battle

“Dream Returns,” a costume drama created by Guo Jingming, has been completed after months of intense filming. It is based on the Classic of Mountains and Seas and follows the story of an undestructible demon who seeks death while lying flat on its path, ultimately returning to life. The plot centers around several young people who meet in secret and are seeking passionate love in the Six Harmonies and Eight Wildernesses.

The drama has never received any official announcement or post, despite the fact that many actors have gone on-site to report on it. On the second day after the season ended, Guanbo revealed the lineup of eight leading actors. The official post reads, “Cutting the wind and tying the bell, thinking at this moment. Treasure the way forward.”

The unveiling of a dream about someone in the water prompted controversy and was met with ridicule from netizens as the fundamental ingredient for all hot pot.

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