The Cohen brothers are about to reunite and direct a bloody comedy horror film

Ethan and Joel Cohen are set to co-direct a bloody, pure, and interesting horror film, which will be released on January 31st Beijing time, according to reports from foreign media.

The film script has been finalized and the preparations are underway. The objective is to begin immediately.

Ethan Cohen and Tricia Cook will release the first solo directed film, “The Woman Who Runs Off,” on February 23 in North America. The movie will feature Margaret Curry, Geraldine Wiswanathan, Bini Feldstein, Pedro Pascal, Coleman Domingo, Bill Camp, and Matt Damon.

After breaking up with her girlfriend, Jamie, who is now independent and content, feels remorseful. Her friend Marianne, being confident in her own senses, needs to rest. They embark on an unplanned road trip to Tallahassee. However, things become a little grim as they confront gang after mugshot.

A new movie, Ethan Cohen’s comedy film (Honey Don’t!), starring Margaret Curry, Aubrey Prazza, and Chris Evans, who collaborated with him on “The Woman Who Runs”, produced by Focus Pictures, was also revealed to be in development in late March.

Despite the plot being kept secret and set in Bakersfield, California, Cohen and his wife Tricia Cook are still together, writing and producing scripts. Curry plays a private detective, Praza plays an unexplained woman, and Evans plays one of the cult leaders.

“The Macbeth Tragedy” was a new film directed by Joel Cohen, which tells the story of MacBeth, led by his wife and convinced by three witches to become the next King of Scotland. The movie also features Denzel Washington and Francis McDorman, and is based on Shakespeare’s classic play.

The photography part was done by Bruno Del Bonnell, Mary Sofreys, and Carter Burwell.

(Meng Qing)

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